Ice-scraping innovation in your grips 

The Rink Master Ultra II scrapes your curling ice to an even surface, plus it's easy to use and maintain. Check out these unique features: 

  • Built-in lever to easily raise wheels during storage and avoid flat spots that cause uneven scraping. 

  • One-piece fiberglass hood lift for easy access to batteries and all components. 

  • Quick-change blade system has only two T-bolt fasteners (no wrench required).

  • Handle-grip speed control - just like a motorcycle.

  • Longest and most complete gurantee, backed by a company celebraing nearly 50 years in the curling industry.

  • Dual-range speed control (high/low) and foot pedal wheel lift - ideal for passing over dividers and walkways.

  • TruCharge battery guage with 9-function trouble-shooting guide.

  • Lowest price. 

And, of course, the Rink Master Ultra II features the electronic drive that started the revolution in ice scrapers. It offers 60% more scraping capacity per battery charge than hydrostatic drives and it's so quiet you can scrape a sheet right next to a game in progress.

We invite you to compare the Rink Master Ultra II to any ice scraper on the market. If you have questions, we're happy to help.