Curling Stone Handles & Engraving

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Plastic handles & accessories
Handles are made of Lexan plastic with 10% fiberglass. All plastic handles include stone bolts, decals & felt washers.
[V001]Red Curling Stone Handle (each)36.00
[V002]Yellow Curling Stone Handle (each)36.00
[V003]Medium Blue Curling Stone Handle (each)36.00
[V023]Dark Blue Molded Curling Stone Handle (each)36.00
[V004]Bolt - for plastic handle 3/8" diameter, N.C. thread (each)2.50
[V005]Felt Washer (each)0.45
[V006]Handle Engraving - letters avail. in black, red, blue, white & yellow (per character)0.90
Curling Stone Decals - signify player # and sheet letters (per sheet)7.00
[V009] “A”, [V010] “B”, [V011] “C”, [V012] “D”, [V013] “E”, [V014] “F”, [V015] “G”, [V016] “H” 
[V018]Used Plastic Handles – includes bolts & washers20.00
gooseneck handles & accessories
[W001]Chrome Handles Complete – used (each)20.00
[W002]Stone Bolts – used (each)1.00
[W003]Grip Bolts –used (each)1.00
[W004]Grip Caps  – used (each)1.00
[W005]Grip Burrs –used (each)1.00
[W006]Goose Necks – used (each)12.00
[W007]Grip Inserts – used (each)4.00
[W008]4 1/2" Identifiers – used (each)1.35
[W009]4 1/2" Identifiers – new (each)3.00
[W010]8" Identifiers – used (each)2.00
[W011]8" Identifiers – new (each)4.50