Real Rock junior curling stones are made of a composite material and are available with Porcelain Tile or Blue Hone granite running surfaces. We're often asked about the difference between Real Rock and granite junior's what you need to know.

Be cool

Junior curling stones are often stored on the sidewalls or backboards while not in use, which warms the running surfaces and causes them to run slow. To cool them before use, the stones are put on the ice (typically on thin slats so they don't melt rings into the ice). A key difference between Real Rock and granite stones is more than 4.5 hours of cooling time. Granite takes about five hours to cool, compared to about 20 minutes for composite stones.

Look cool

Junior curlers want to look and feel like the pros - or at least like adult curlers. At 10.5 inches in diameter (only a half-inch less than adult) with standard plastic handles, Real Rock junior stones look a lot like adult stones (and curl just like them too). Granite junior stones, on the other hand, are much smaller. In fact, due to their smaller diameter, granite stones must be fitted with chrome gooseneck handles. 

Check it out...

The brown speckle colour of Real Rock looks similar to Brown Trevor granite, but it weighs only 25 pounds.