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With more than 50 years of experience, Thompson Rink Equipment is a trusted authority on curling ice maintenance. We continually upgrade our existing line-up of rink equipment and take great pride in designing new ones that make perfect ice even easier to achieve. We are also a world leader in curling stone manufacturing and reconditioning.  

Do you have a problem with your ice or curling stones? Contact us! There’s nothing we enjoy more than solving those tricky little issues - and we don't charge for this service. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for helping ice technicians deliver superior results at a lower cost. Sometimes a few inexpensive modifications can radically improve conditions and save your club thousands of dollars.

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Innovative Designs

The Rink Master Ultra II Ice Scraper

Even Scraping

Easily raise the wheels during storage, using the built-in lever, to avoid flat spots that cause uneven scraping.

Easy Battery Changes

One-piece fiberglass hood lifts for easy access to the battery and all components. 

Quick-Change Blade System

Only two T-bolt fasteners - no wrench required.

Handle-Grip Speed Control

Like a motorcycle, just turn your hand and you never have to release the grips.

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Ever-Sharp Dual Edge Blade

More ice scraping, less blade sharpening

Each cutting edge offers four times more scraping between sharpenings - guaranteed!

Save $$ on sharpening

Pay only $95 (CAD) for both cutting edges - that's a 30% saving over conventional blades.

Save even more on shipping

Why pay to ship the beam? Send us the blade only and save 40%.

> Patented features

Brilliant White Thompson Ice Paint

Easy to apply

Some white paints require ice surface temperatures of 18°F  but Thompson Brialliant White paint has a beautiful finish even at 23°F - no blotchy grey ice. 

Tried, tested and true

This paint is proven effective for more than 30 years and at all City of Winnipeg hockey arenas.

No additives

Our white ice paint is totally free of any additives like titanium dioxide.

Buy more and save

Call the club or arena down the road to combine orders - save $2 / bag when you order 50 or more 22-lb bags...or move up to the economical 50-lb bag. 
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Manufacturing of Eversharp Blade

14 Foot Squeegee


Rubber Bumpers

Curling Stone Manufacturing

Pebble Heads Extensions and Cans

Honing Scraper Blades

Magic Ice

Ice Sweepers

Sandpaper and Jig

Manufacturing of Eversharp Blade

Ultra II Ice Scraper Features

Hack Broom

Curling Stone Measurers

Plastic Handles

Sharpening and Shimming Scraper Blades