Rink Master Ultra II Ice Scraper

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The new Rink Master Ultra II is re-designed and now approx. 60% more energy efficient for more scraping per battery charge. Learn more. 

[X022]Ultra II Complete – no blade12,375.00
[X007]Ultra II Complete – with 60” blade assembly12,735.00
[X003]Ultra II Complete – with 60” Ever-Sharp Blade/Beam13,905.00
[X004]Ultra II Complete – with 48” Ever-Sharp Blade/Beam13,905.00
[X008]Rink-Master 48" Spare Blade Assembly (each)895.00
[X009]Rink-Master 60" Spare Blade Assembly (each)1,215.00
[X010]Rink-Master 48" Blade only560.00
[X011]Rink-Master 60" Blade only775.00
[X025]Chain Case (rebuilt)Call for price
[X026]Reversible Drum Switch (each)95.00
[X033]Guest Battery Charger335.00
[X034]Battery – deep cycle, 31 series285.00
[X035]Potentiometer - 10K type38.50
[X043]*NEW* -  Foot Pedal Lift available for all scrapers, patent pending45.00
[X043U]Ultra IICall for price
[X043I]   Ice KingCall for price
[X043B]Boss Call for price
[X045]Left/Right Switch for Ultra II6.50
[X046]Forward / Reverse Switch for Ultra II5.50
[X047]Swivel Castor – 5” diameter27.50
[X048]Progressive Lift Actuator –850 lbs. capacity520.00
[X049]Duff Norton Swing Actuator – 500 lbs. capacity800.00
[X050]I-Drive 370.00
[X051]Potentiometer - 5K type35.00
[X052]Potentiometer - 10K type for model #012 to #10250.00
24402Solenoid for Ultra II, #1 to #102 to Present93.00
24063Solenoid for Ultra II, #103 to Present Models78.95
[X053]Rear Leg Lift38.75
[X054]Ultra Throttle Spring10.75