Ice Surface Cleaning

To order, call 888.832.3728:

[P001]Sheepskin Sweeper Complete – 90" long, Velcro fasteners, steel handle with insulated grip306.00
[P002]Sheepskin Sweeper Refill – with Velcro fasteners210.00
[P003]90" Ice Brush Complete – steel handle with insulated grips295.00
[P004]Ice Brush Refills – 30" long (each)45.00
[P006]String Mop Sweeper Complete – 90", steel handle with insulated grips325.00
[P007]String Mop Sweeper Refills185.00
[P009]U-shaped Steel Handle – insulated grips, for above cleaners115.00
[P012]Heavy-Duty Hack Broom **Icemakers Special** – all corn, glued & stapled into a plastic head (threaded handle not included)26.50
[P013]Threaded Wooden Handle – for Heavy Duty Hack Broom (above)4.00
[P014]*NEW* Sticky Mats – 4 pads of 30 sheets, 26” x 45”, white155.00
[P015]String Mop - fiberglass rail110.00
[P016]Left/Rigt - half above rail60.00

*NEW* B.P. Press. Can, piston pump repair kit