Don't be misled by competitor claims about our blade. Get the facts...

Sharpening life

  • The Ever-Sharp blade is 5 inches, from tip to tip. It's removed from the beam for sharpening so we can sharpen it back a half-inch more on each edge compared to other sharpeners.  

Usage before shipping and sharpening

  • The best thing you can do to extend intervals between sharpening is hone your blade. All our blades are totally flat on the backside so the honing stone can sharpen right to the cutting edge. Competitors that back-bevel blades make it extremely difficult to accurately hone the backside of the blade. 

Disassembly for shipping

  • The Ever-Sharp blade can be shipped with or without the beam - it's your call. Removing the blade reduces the weight to 29 pounds, which means you can ship it via Canada Post and save a bundle. About half of our customers prefer not to disassemble and that's totally fine too. 

Consistent straightness

  • This is a baseline requirement of any quality blade. Our expert sharpeners cool blades to ice temperature so they don't warp and cut into your ice. Ever-Sharp blades have never required harnesses or tensioners to keep them straight.

Structural integrity

  • Since 2009, Ever-Sharp blades feature a ¼”-thick layer of phenolic materials between the blade and beam (patent #2643560) for quick cooling. Why is that important? It won't break, crack, or even warp - we guarantee it. 

Special adaptor

  • You don't need an adaptor to mount the Ever-Sharp blade on our Rink Master ice scraper (only two T-bolt fasteners - no wrench required). It takes 10 seconds. You won't even need an adaptor to attach our blade to a competitor's machine - but it will save you nearly 20 minutes per change and a lot of hassle (product #X038).  

Paint quality

  • We use the best available paint on Ever-Sharp blades so rusting is not an issue.

Shipping containers / costs

  • Your double-edged Ever-Sharp blade comes with a steel and wooden sheath that you can use for storage and shipping. Contact us when you're ready to send it back for sharpening and we'll give you our account number for special shipping rates. 

Cost of blade assembly

  • Across the board, for 48- or 60-inch and conventional or double-edge, Ever-Sharp blades are priced lower than competitors. We invite you to compare costs and quality on our website or contact us and we'll be happy to give you the straight goods. 

With almost 50 years of experience, Thompson Rink Equipment has earned a reputation for helping ice technicians deliver superior results at a lower cost. We're not just blade sharpeners - we are ice experts. Our goal is to make perfect ice easier to achieve.