Power Ice Scraper Blades & Sharpening Services

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Rink-Master, Boss & Ice King Blades Sharpened & Shimmed to less than .002" tolerance
[X014]48" Blade150.00
[X015]60" Blade165.00
[X016]48” Blade Sharpening only50.00
[X017]60" Blade Sharpening only60.00
[X018]48” Blade Shimming only80.00
[X019]60" Blade Shimming only87.50
The all new Ever-Sharp scraper blade has dual cutting edges. Guaranteed to hold a sharp edge 8 times that of a conventional blade.
[X036]60” Blade and Beam2150.00
[X037]60” Blade 925.00
[X038]Adapter – fits Ever-Sharp blades to all competitors scrapers, includes quick change blade connectors430.00
[X039]48” Blade and Beam2150.00
[X040]48” Blade675.00
[X041]60” Blade Sharpening – both edges*145.00
[X042]48” Blade Sharpening – both edges*145.00
*Note:  Extensive rust and/or nicks on scraper blades or frames will require a surcharge for extra grinding and cleaning.
[X021]Blade Guards – galvanized metal sheath with enclosed magnet, custom-made to size (per inch)Call for price
[X032]Blade Honing Stone – combination fine & medium grit, 1" x 2½" x 11½" 75.00