Curling Circle Kits

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Mesh Kits include 12ft circles, 4ft circles, 4” hoglines & 4 corner markers for stones
[C006]Vinyl Mesh Circle Kit – red 12 ft. (per sheet)
[C007]Vinyl Mesh Circle Kit – blue 12 ft. (per sheet)
[C008]Vinyl Mesh Corner Stone Marker – red (each)
[C009]Vinyl Mesh Corner Stone Marker – blue (each)
[C010]Behind-Hack Vinyl Mesh Sheets – 39” x 14 ½’, blue or red (per sheet)
[C011]*NEW* 2” Vinyl Mesh Circle Outline Kit – (per end)
[C012]*NEW* Mesh Curling Stone Logo – red or blue (each)
[C013]Replacement Vinyl Mesh - 12' and 4' (per piece)
[C014]2" Mesh 8' Circle - red or blue (per end)